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We are so close.....

Spring was here......for about 24 hours yesterday. In that short window we had 70 or so boats launch and a lot of happy faces when they came off the water. Of course, there were some zeroes but they were far out numbered heroes. Saugers made up the majority of the catch and a vertical jig / minnow presentation seemed to be the consistent producer.

We have a bit of weather coming in tomorrow. The next 7 days are not great weather wise but warm consistent temps are near.

A few favors to ask of our patrons that visit during the spring / pre-dawn bite.

*Please bring your patience and be considerate when waiting, launching, loading up etc. If you can't do that stay home or launch elsewhere.

*Get your boat ready while waiting in line. The ramp or next to launch is not the right place for this.

*Drain water from trailer at waters edge to help combat icy ramps.

Now for my conservationist side:

*No matter how tough the bite may be please consider not fishing over 30 -35' of water. Those small fish you see caught in 40, 50, 60+ feet of water all die when released.

*This one is even more important than the 1st...Please consider releasing the obvious, egg laden females. I know you can legally harvest them under 20" but consider letting them go. Trust me, it feels good! There are plenty of males for a fish fry.

Pool 4 is truly special. World Class fishing for a multitude of species. Thank you all for making our little piece of heaven such an amazing place to visit.

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