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Spring has Sprung

The Data:

River level is 5.5' on Red Wings graph. This is up about 18" from 1 week ago.

Water temp is hovering around 40 degrees give or take 1 degree.

Flow is up, sorry I do not have that number available right now.

Clarity is 12 -18" depending on where you are.

What do all these numbers mean? They mean it is time to get to the river and fish. Conditions are setting up perfectly and the bite is improving daily.

What's working? Everything! Jig/minnow. Blade baits, Dubuque rigs, hair jigs, pitching plastics....and more. The only secret is to keep moving until you find an active pod of fish. They are constantly moving / adjusting with the increased flow and you need to be doing the same.

Depth..I would say to concentrate between 1' and 22'. Seriously! There are fish in all depths. Numbers tend to be deeper and Quality tend to be shallower.

With all that said, it's going to be busy when you come to Pool 4. Bring your patience, your PFDs and don't forget your plug. There's plenty of river to fish and many of the best spots do not have anyone on them.

Our ramps are open and we will not run out of parking. Gobs of bait and plenty of tackle.

Come on down. We truly appreciate your business

Please consider releasing any egg laden females you catch. These fish have made it through the year and we might as well let them spawn one more time. There are plenty of nice eaterales in the system.

Good luck and be safe.

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