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December , don't give up!

December is truly my favorite month on the river to fish Walleyes on Pool 4. Are there better fish catching months? Certainly there are. Where December climbs the ladder in my book is quality of fish, lack of pressure and absolutely stunning views that most of the world will never see.

What can I tell you about being productive in December? Think outside the box, fish low light time periods and sllloooow down.

Dubuque rigs will become the go to during daylight hours. Get some confidence in pulling these rigs and you will outfish the masses. Often speeds of .2 to .4 mph are the medicine needed while picking apart a current seam.

Dragging plastics early mornings or at twilight will also produce great numbers and is a great way to connect with a large Walleye.

No matter what you do, come prepared. We do all we can to keep our ramps clear and ice free but it is winter fishing on open water. Please drain your trailers at waters edge and throw a little sand on the ramps if needed.

As far as on the jackets are a must. Dress warm, bring extra gloves, hats, headlights etc. Don't take any unnecessary risks and just stay attentive. Winter fishing can be a real treat but please proceed with caution. It is quite possible help could be an hour away.


We still have some openings for the spring of 2022. If you are thinking about coming to Everts to experience what Pool 4 is world famous for it is time to make your reservation. We typically book full for March and April by mid January. You can email us here or call us at 715.792.2333 to get your dates locked in.

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