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Fall is near and the weather outlook is amazing

Tracy, Randy and I have been continuing to make several improvements to the resort. Although we are certain we will never be done we pick away at each project as quick as we can. On this summers agenda: Painting the docks, remodeling Cabin 3, painting and updating Cabin 4, moving and updating our cleaning shack and way to many small projects to list.

Last Spring Tracy came aboard as not only an owner but also a full time minnow manager. Watching and listening to her learn the pool 4 lingo has been fun. Her other project, which has been a real hit, is making custom Everts t shirts and sweatshirts for our guests. If you want something made, reach out to Tracy and she will get it done. She's made them with Walleyes, Sturgeon, Catfish and Bass as well as funny sayings / quotes.

My sister, Tammy has also been helping us out in the bait shop regularly and spent many hours painting / cleaning up our facilities. She is the one with the most artistic eye and most in line with the nature surrounding us. I'm certain she has every American Bald Eagle that visits named by now. Slowly, Everts Resort is becoming the place our entire family has always dreamt of having. We are so grateful to share this with all of you and all of our extended family and friends.

Come check us out and spend a few days with us. The Hager City / Red Wing area is absolutely stunning with something for everyone to do. Incredible hiking, wineries, Eagle watching, fishing, hunting all within minutes of our waterfront cabins. Did I mention the most unbelievable Sunrises and Sunsets you will ever see.

What is you Everts memory? We would love to hear about your visit.

Picture: I recently had the opportunity to share my boat with these 3 wonderful children. Torin (big channel cat) , Lois (channel cat and her 1st ever fish) and Milton with the giant smile and monster Sturgeon. These are the type of lifelong memories you will make here at Everts.

Thank you,

Chris Winchester 715.792.2333

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